How to Get Updates on New Blog Posts

Want to be notified when new blog entries are posted?

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By choosing to “Subscribe” to this blog means you’ll be notified whenever myself or one of the contributing authors post a new blog entry on the Love God… Love People… Live Free! website. You won’t be bombarded with notifications. I’ve been trying to post no more than once every few weeks. Also, you will not receive any “junk mail” from me as a result of subscribing. I value your participation and your privacy.

Subscribe via Email (BEST METHOD)

If you regularly check your email, this is the best way to stay up on any new posts.  When a new blog entry is added, you’ll get an email with a link to the page.  I only post about once a month.  So, you won’t be bombarded with emails.

** Enter your email and click the “KEEP ME UPDATED” button on the sidebar of the main screen **

Note: I will NOT share your email with anyone else or use it for anything other than sending updates.

— OR —

Subscribe via “RSS” feed on your iPhone/iPod/SmartPhone

LGLPLF Blog Feed QR Code

A “RSS” feed is simply a direct link to the blog posts read using a special RSS Reader. Your email program probably even has one. And for your SmartPhone or iPad there are a TON of good “RSS” readers out there. I use Feedly on my phone.  You simply add this blog’s web-address ( ) into the app and you have instant access to any of the blog entries.  Open the app and it will download the blog entries to your device for offline viewing anywhere/anytime.

— OR —

Subscribe via Facebook

Simply go to the “Love God… Love People… Live Free!” Facebook PAGE. (Not “Group”… it’s a “Page”).  LIKE the page to be sure you can get to it again.  And you’ll see all the blog entries on the WALL.  Click to View the Posting… then SUBSCRIBE.


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