Space to Breathe again

Andrea and I recently took a short trip up into Michigan. We needed some time away… time to reconnect… time to unwind from the busyness that tangles up our lives and our hearts. It was refreshing… no, it was more than that… it was like breathing again. Having time away, creating some space in our lives, it gave me time to catch my breath. I think we get so busy and focused on getting things done and “doing life” that we sort of hold our breath. You know… like when you’re concentrating on that golf shot you’re about to make — you hold your breath… or when you are trying to hold the camera perfectly steady so you can take the picture, you breath in and…. hold it…. hold it…. almost got it…. hold it…. Pppffffhhhhh… exhale. The pace of life (even when doing good things) can have that effect on us… and so this time away gave us space to breath again.… Read More Space to Breathe again