When We Can’t Stand, Love Stands By Us

I was just reflecting on a well-known bible story. You probably know it, its the one about a woman who was caught in the act of adultery and dragged before a mob and Jesus by the religious leaders.  It was their obvious attempt to expose Jesus as a fraud while at the same time ensuring they looked good as… Read More When We Can’t Stand, Love Stands By Us


What does it mean to “Rescue The Beauty”?

My friends and I recently returned from hosting our 4th LIFEQUESTweekend event. (I’ve posted previously about these events.) We love doing these events and hope they change lives, mine included!  As any person who takes on the role of a “guide” or “teacher” or “public speaker” will tell you, what we’re really offering is our lives.… Read More What does it mean to “Rescue The Beauty”?

Living a Story that Matters (Part 1)

You’ve probably had the casual thought that your life is a story. I’ve heard you say it… “Oh yea… that’s the story of my life, man.” But, have you ever paused to really think of what it means?… Sure, life has a beginning… a middle… and an end, but think beyond that… consider this — your beginning really isn’t the beginning of your story… and your end really isn’t the end of the story? We get dropped into a larger story… feels a little like the life of Bear Grylls (Man-vs-Wild)! You know… how he gets dumped out of a helicopter in the middle of some deserted place. Then he has to find a way to make it work…
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The Power of Love (Part I)

My dear blog-friends — I read the following blog entry recently and it really got me thinking. To be honest, it nailed me in a few areas of my heart and life. I encourage you to read the entire article with as unhindered a mind as possible. (There will be time for criticism later.) For now, allow God to use it in whatever ways He sees fit.

I’m sharing it with you that it might inspire you toward your goals, of which I hope LOVE is supreme.

In Love,
. . .
Provided for you, A Blog Entry by Donald Miller (Author of Blue Like Jazz and other books) posted Jun 28, 2010 4:01 AM… Read More The Power of Love (Part I)