What’s the Blog About?

My goal for this blog? That together we FIND LIFE, and LIVE IT!sunshine-through-tree

I have a couple of compelling passions:  First, I spend my days observing LIFE. I’m wired this way, always trying to figure out how things work. It’s the same with people and things and life itself. I love to see what makes it all tick. And, secondly, I love passing along what I’m learning. Here they go hand-in-hand.

I’m really glad you’re here. Seriously. You are a big part of the reason I’m writing here.  I write for my own heart (to “live like an artist” *) and I write for yours.

Here’s my thought… we can get “information” anywhere, facts and figures, do’s and dont’s, etc. But, what we don’t find everywhere is honest, open sharing.  The typical interaction I have with most of the people in my life on any ordinary day is fairly superficial.  Not always on purpose, but busyness, fear, infrequency, etc. can drive us to resist opening up to each other. We need a place to just be honest about what really affects us. We need to know we’re not alone in our struggles, questions, and pursuits. So, I decided a couple of years ago to create a forum for some real, honest-to-God, no BS dialog.

I’m finding that this whole “Life” thing takes time to figure out — and it takes intentionality.  I’m trying to pay attention to the process.  In these blog posts I’ll be as honest as I can.  I can’t promise there won’t be some “fluff” (sometimes I wax poetic and get a bit Pollyanna-ish), but I’ll try to be open and candid.  Growth and change is hard, I know it. But there is something really great about the messy-ness of it all, too.

My hope is that as we live out our lives and our faith intentionallyhonestlyrelationally; that we’ll find the best parts of faith, that is — freedom of heart.  To have that…! Wow. Everything else flowing from a life of freedom! It will be amazing.

So, when talking about life or love or hope or purpose or struggles or spirituality or whatever, I’ll give you some of my thoughts and ask you some questions in as genuine, honest, transparent, non-religious, and unpretentious way possible.  I hope you’ll consider my thoughts and words… and I hope you’ll consider adding yours too.

Let’s see where this goes….

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As I read the words, “Love God… Love People… Live Free!”,  I’m wonder if some might take it the wrong way — like this blog is all about about getting it all right, following strict guidelines, like some kind of uber-spiritual diet program. Nothing could be further from the truth.  I write to find LIFE!… And in life, FREEDOM!  I hope my thoughts help you on your journey. I think they will. And, I hope you’ll leave your thoughts, too, by adding “Comments” of your own.


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* Phrase found in Article from blogger and author, Gary Barkalow (The Noble Heart)