The Last Letter (A Short Story by Mark Wager)

THE LAST LETTER (Formerly titled “One last letter for Christmas”)

The_Unexpected_Gift - 90-page - 5.5x8.5 - Book (FRONT) Cover 5I’ve published these two stories into a book! The Unexpected Gift and The Last Letter are now available in a Kindle format book.

This book contains two short stories: One story highlights an unexpected discovery made while a man makes his way home for Christmas. The second bonus story follows an embittered father and his estranged son as they each encounter the unexpected in their own lives and in their distant relationship.

In these stories I wanted to capture something I admire in people—a willingness to engage. By taking the risk to reach out beyond ourselves, to connect, to rebuild, something special happens. We are empowered with a supernatural ability—an ability to give and receive unexpected gifts.

Estimated reading time: 1h 45m



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