Living a Story that Matters (Part 2)

A Great Question

I’ve been reading Donald Miller’s book, A Million Miles in a Thousand Years. It has been immensely challenging… and encouraging. I can’t shake the simple truth of it — a story is a character that wants something and overcomes conflict to get it. That line, “wants something” has been haunting me. I can’t let go of it. Miller is right — a clear desire is at the heart of every great story. Every hero I can think of has this in common. Every quest ever undertaken succeeded only because they had it — they know what they want. And, the question about what I want has kicked my butt. Try it out for yourself, you’ll see what I mean.

I began considering the question at a 30,000 foot level. I want… to be a good person… to be kind and loving to others… to teach and serve… to be generous… to encourage and inspire… and maybe somehow my life will change the world. Wow… WAY too broad… and at 30,000 feet it also feels really underwhelming. But it dawned on me… every story has sub-plots, smaller stories that are lived out as part of the larger story. Yes, I want to change the world!… but I’ve got to take a first step.
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Living a Story that Matters (Part 1)

You’ve probably had the casual thought that your life is a story. I’ve heard you say it… “Oh yea… that’s the story of my life, man.” But, have you ever paused to really think of what it means?… Sure, life has a beginning… a middle… and an end, but think beyond that… consider this — your beginning really isn’t the beginning of your story… and your end really isn’t the end of the story? We get dropped into a larger story… feels a little like the life of Bear Grylls (Man-vs-Wild)! You know… how he gets dumped out of a helicopter in the middle of some deserted place. Then he has to find a way to make it work…
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Taking Time to Dream (Pt 2)

On my last post, I wrote about “dreaming”… I shared one of my own dreams… and I wondered aloud about why it is important. So then, today… I read something that grabbed my attention… it brought me back to this whole issue of DREAMS and DESIRES. . . . A few things really stuck out to me as I read. But, what first struck me was a comment by a reader. It grabbed me. It challenged me. It exposed me….… Read More Taking Time to Dream (Pt 2)

Taking Time to Dream

Andrea and I just took a short trip up into Michigan. It was refreshing and needed. One of the things Andrea and I have made part of our “road trip” rituals is to give each other space to share what’s going on with us. And, one of the core questions we often ask each other is “What have you been dreaming about lately?” So, on the drive home (sort of leaving the best for last) Andrea turns to me and says, “I want to talk about our Dreams. Let’s dream a little… … Read More Taking Time to Dream