Welcome to Love God… Love People… LIVE FREE!  This is my attempt to share an adventure to find life and live it to the fullest. And so, I’ve created this space to pause from life’s busyness – to linger (if only for a moment) – to slow the blur and catch a glimpse of all we so often miss.

My goal for this blog — that together we FIND LIFE, and LIVE IT!


My hope is that as we live out our lives and our faith intentionallyhonestlyrelationally;  that we’ll find and hang on to the best parts; and find along the way – freedom of heart.  To have that…! Wow. Everything else flowing from a life of freedom! Now that will be amazing.

So, when talking about life or love or hope or relationship or purpose or struggles or spirituality or whatever, I’ll give you some of my thoughts. I’ll ask you some questions (in as genuine, honest, transparent, non-religious, and unpretentious way possible).  I hope you’ll consider my thoughts and words… and I hope you’ll consider adding yours too.

Let’s see where this goes….  Join In!

I hope you find what you’re seeking. And if you’re stronger and closer to life when you leave, I hope you’ll click the “Follow” button to get notified of future posts and share it with others.

~ Mark