What does Love look like?

Man Looking thru BinocularsWhat does “love” look like?  I was talking to God the other day and He asked me that question.

. . .

Well… it looks like spending time with someone.

— then spend time with someone.

And, it looks like research.

— then get to know someone. Really learn about them, their heart, their desires, what matters to them.

And, it looks like sacrifice.

— then, give up that thing that is standing in your way [from doing the above]

It seems so hard. I mean to really love. If feels beyond my ability.

— It is a marathon, not a sprint.  Learning to really love takes time. It is a journey that requires healing and compassion and trust.  It doesn’t happen all at once.  Stop beating yourself up.  Make the decision to head down this path.  And remain open and mindful of “what love looks like” to you.

Maybe Love isn’t as far away as it seems.

What does love look like to you?  Would you be willing to have this conversation with God?

Try it and see where it leads.  I’d love to hear what he says to you.

Still learning,



4 thoughts on “What does Love look like?

  1. Love isn’t what it’s cracked up to be. It’s much more. There is extensive pain, because it is God who draws me to people. I simply have a heart for those people. He tells me to reach out to them. He stirs me, too, and it hurts when the other person doesn’t respond or is busy trying to find the perfect response to keep me at a distance. In my mind, I tell myself that there are better friendships out there, but in my heart, I know that God has placed a heavier burden in my heart for some people than for others. There are degrees of love.

    I check to make sure that my sense of “love” isn’t based on envy or merely a desire to get

    Love is chosen. I choose to be kind, considerate, revealing, inquisitive, and warm.

    But love is also unchosen. It is people that I simply feel close to, because of how I feel about them, or how well I can relate to them. There is a natural bond there. How they respond, however, can be extremely unnerving.

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