How’s your story doing?

So… how’s your story been?

If you’ve followed this blog for any length of time you know that “STORY” is a central theme.  And as I write this, I can’t help but think how obvious it must seem to say that. I mean, we all live in a story. Our lives are filled with stories… stories about how this or that went… how we made the team… or didn’t… stories of how things went at work today… or what your next adventure will be.  We all live in stories.  But oh how easy it is to forget the impact of all that this means…

I read something today that got me thinking again about it.  Here is an excerpt…

…Lori goes back to Denver soon. We will be working with her closely to help her get organized and Live a Better Story. But I told her today, that lots of stories don’t work out. Most screenplays never get made, most books never get published. That’s just part of the process. You keep writing, you get up every day and you keep putting something on the plot, and if it doesn’t work, you start another story. In my life, about half the major stories work out. … Talking to Lori today on the phone helped me understand, once again, how important each of our stories (and by that I mean our lives) actually are.Our lives set the moral compass of the people around us. If it weren’t for some of the stories my friends are telling with their lives, I’d have no guidelines for my own, no moral or creative reference with which to tell my story to God and to the world. I know that our stories matter, and if they didn’t, God wouldn’t have placed us into the epic.

I’ll admit… when he said “lots of stories don’t work out“… it startled me.  I just didn’t want to hear it.  I mean, I want EVERYTHING to work out.  And, even if I know that things don’t always work out, I don’t want to TELL anyone.  But then, as if I were somehow unconsciously marinating in what I had just read, it softened me… it changed me for a moment… and I felt a sort of freedom come over me.  I was, if only for a moment, freed of my fear of failure… my fear that it MUST work out or else.  For a moment, I felt like I could risk, and whatever the outcome it would be alright. Life as it is meant to be experienced. I liked this feeling…. and I read on…

Then I ran across the reminder about how our stories (i.e., our Lives) interact with each other… impact each other.  The author calls us a “compass”. Our lives become a “compass” to others.  Pause a moment and think about that.  You are a compass.  What kind of a compass do you want to be?  What kind of a compass are you?

I need compasses in my life.

. . .

I read in the bible that Jesus himself said, “I come that [you] may have life, and have it abundantly.”… abundantly, as in present in great quantity; more than adequate; oversufficient; copious; profuse; overflowing…

I don’t experience life like that… at least not regularly… not yet.

As for me… personally… I want what He’s offering.  More understanding… more hope… more joy… more friendship… more love… more life… more purpose… more selflessness… more healing… more faith… more… of lots of really good things.  And… I find some  But, I wish for more.  And, I want to share.  I want my Story (my compass) to point to these things.  I want yours to point to them, too.

So, how’s your story been? Who are the compasses in your life?  Are they pointing in the direction you want to go?  And, who are you a compass to?… because you are… a compass.

Ask Jesus about it. Ask him to guide you… to surround you with good compasses… and to point you in the right direction that the compass of your life might guide others, too.

Following the path a step at a time,