Taking Time to Dream (Pt 2)

On my last post, I wrote about “dreaming”… I shared one of my own dreams… and I wondered aloud about why it is important.

So then, today… I read something that grabbed my attention… it brought me back to this whole issue of DREAMS and DESIRES.  So, if you don’t mind circling around the mountain again, I’d like to revisit the topic.

. . .

Today, I was looking for something encouraging to read, and I stumbled across the blog of an author I like, Donald Miller.  He usually has an interesting take on life and when I saw his blog about TOY STORY 3… well it caught my attention.  (I know… you may be wondering how “Toy Story” has anything to do with dreams & desires… but hang with me and it will all make sense!)  A few things really stuck out to me as I read.  But, what first struck me was a comment by a reader.  It grabbed me.  It challenged me.  It exposed me.

“What I want?  This is one of the hardest questions I have wrestled with as a believer.   It’s so easy to settle on surface or visible things, but when I’ve gone deep and can see clearly, it takes staying clear and not coming back to the surface.

And then, the next hard question – Will I trust Him to provide my deepest desires? It’s so tempting to either try to meet them on my own or to give up my hope, to not make Him out to be a stingy God.  Living in the space between knowing what I want and then having it – sometimes with faith, sometimes not – now there’s the thing.

But there is nothing like when, finally — IT’S TIME!!!”

Wow!  This is exactly where I live. I want to trust God with my deepest thought, dreams, desires, etc… but I don’t always. And what I do with that tells SO much about where my heart is… it says so much about my heart toward God.  How about you? Ever thought of desire in this way?

So, after wrestling with the above comment for a bit… I decided to print all 3 parts of the blog and I read.  There was more to consider… and more comments to digest.   Allow me to summarize with a couple of things that jumped out at me:

Miller writes, “…the elements of a great story are also the elements of a great life. And when those elements are clearly defined, it’s hard for a story to go wrong.”

“A great story is simply this: A character that wants something and overcomes conflict to get it.”

Then, Miller asks a couple of really great questions —

  • Are the element of your personal story clear?
  • Do you know what you want, and do you know what opposes you?

Pause… no, really… pause… stop and consider these questions for your own life.  (I did this and the results were surprising.)  Clarity and perspective… I long for these.  And, understanding where the opposition comes from… oh how often I forget to even consider the category.  I need to spend more time on this in my own life.

I won’t bore you with a recitation of the whole Blog article, but let me share Miller’s closing comment… “There is, without question, a very real spiritual overlap in this movie. The Toys want to be reunited with their owner. Their owner loves them. Something has come between their owner and they are confused about whether their owner still loves them. It’s powerful stuff, and it’s relate-able because it’s true.”

Can you begin to see the connection?  This whole topic of “desire” and “passion” and “dreaming”… its hard-wired into us for a reason.  They speak to our hearts about the deepest longings we have — to know that God does love us. That He will come through for us.  If we ignore them, we are ignoring God’s heart.  If we dismiss them, we dismiss God’s intent for our futures.  If we try to subdue them, we limit God’s ability to work in us.  If we distract ourselves from them, we postpone His gifts.  If we despise them, we kill our hearts.  And, without our hearts God has very little else to work with… the heart is, after all, the wellspring of life within us.

But… if we embrace them… if we embrace desire and passion and we dream and we hope, then we embrace the call of God upon our lives.  We open ourselves up to his voice.  We gain insight into what holds us back, where healing is needed, where repentance is welcome.  We find God.  We find life. Others find God.  Others find life.

There is so much more to say.  In the meantime… Keep dreaming.

Learning together to pay attention to the movements of our hearts,


PS.  Another comment that grabbed me, “One thing that “Toy Story 3″ reminded me of is this: Life isn’t about being a “productive member of society” – it’s about love, relationships, and community.” This is a great reminder for a recovering perfectionist such as myself.  I’ll reserve further comments for another time.

You can read all of Donald Miller’s “Toy Story 3” blog here: http://donmilleris.com/2010/06/29/toy-story-3-a-life-lesson-pt-1/