No Longer Suited for a “Normal” life

I’m driving home from work and I had a really good and unexpected encounter with God… I had to stop and write it down… so I’m writing this on-the-fly in the Walgreens parking lot I just pulled into.

SOME BACKGROUND — A few days ago a few of us got together and talked about community.  Specifically, we talked about how God might be bringing us (and maybe even some others) together to meet as a “group”.  The word “church” came up… which immediately drew a variety of reactions from each of us.  And, actually, we really had a good conversation. We talked about our past, our present, and our futures. There were some akward pauses… but we listened to each other. We spoke of our hopes and desires for the future.  We wondered together about life and community and the intersections of our lives.  We left each other with the plan to get together again soon.  It was apparent that God IS at work in each of us… still I left with something nagging me… like the feeling you get when you can’t remember something but its right on the “tip of your tongue”… like there is something just outside of my conscious senses that I couldn’t quite put my finger on.

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Big Screen TVs and the Difference between Publicity and Preference

Have you ever stopped to notice the big screen TVs hanging on the walls of stores or banks or businesses or churches?  You can hardly miss them these days — each screen subtly yet conspicuously promoting a message.

Well, Andrea and I visited a church recently (we like to visit different places to see what God is up to in our city)…  There were the usual things you’d expect in a 21st Century “culturally relevant” American church… Continue reading “Big Screen TVs and the Difference between Publicity and Preference”